Under 8 rules

2018 / 2019 season v1

Qualifying age range for under 8’s is: a player shall be 6 as at midnight on 31/8/18, and under the age of 8 as at midnight on 31/8/18 (mixed football is allowed). Age Checker can tell you whether you can play in Under 8 matches.

1 Team size should be 5 v 5. minimum 4 v 4 Maximum squad size of 10 per Team. The playing area should be 40 yds X 30 yds. A match may not start if one Team has fewer than 4 players
2 The Penalty area extends 9 yds from the goal line and 16 yards across the width of the playing area. The penalty spot should be 7yds from the goal line. The penalty area should either be line marked or coned.
3 The goal size should be 12ft X 6ft (3.6m x 1.8m). The Coca-Cola and Samba goals are suitable. Please note in view of a number of accidents that have occurred it is necessary to ensure that portable goals are either pinned or weighted to prevent them toppling forward
4 The ball shall be a size 3.
5 Any number of substitutes, without being named may be used at any time with the permission of the Referee. A player who has been replaced may return to the playing area as a substitute for another player All Team players should receive equal playing time where possible, with a best practice recommendation of at least 50% per player for each game.
6 Players are required to wear shin-guards and goalkeepers shall wear a distinguishing playing top.
7 A Referee should be allocated to every match. It is his decision as to whether he requires Assistant Referees to run the line.
8 Duration of matches should be 10 minutes each way. No player shall play more than 40 minutes per day. Half time shall be a maximum of 5 minutes
9 The kick off is taken in the centre of the playing area to start the game and after a goal has been scored. In mini soccer you cannot score directly from a kick off or a drop ball situation.
10 There is no off-side
11 All Free kicks are direct
12 Penalty kicks are taken 7 yds from opposite the centre of the goal
13 Throw ins should be taken in the normal way. When a foul throw occurs the thrower should be given another chance after which it shall be awarded to the opponent. Children are permitted to roll the ball underarm with one or both hands.
14 The opposition should be at least 5yds (4.5m) away when a corner, or free kick is awarded.
15 Goalkeepers can handle the ball in the penalty area and there are no restrictions on the number of steps they may take when holding the ball. They may return the ball into play by either drop kicking it or throwing it out of the penalty area.
16 Goal kicks or defensive free kicks within the penalty area may be kicked from the edge of the penalty area. Opposition players shall retreat to the half way line for goal kicks
17 Back Pass The back pass law does apply. In the event that the goalkeeper picks the ball up from a pass by his own Team mate, a direct free kick shall be taken from the edge of the penalty area parallel with where the ball was picked up.
18 Common sense should prevail at all times.

Except where otherwise provided above, the Laws of Association football shall apply.

Thousands of boys and girls from nearly 250 teams play friendly football fixtures in age groups Under 7 to Under 12.