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Rules for SBMSC Fair Play Award

The Fairplay score system incorporates the opposing teams behaviour from not only the players, but also the managers and supporters. Team managers are expected to submit Fairplay scores after every game. A maximum of 10 points can be scored for each of the three categories of opposing players, manager and supporters. Fairplay Scores should be emailed to the Fairplay Secretary within one week of the game being played, and if this does not happen the team that does not make a submission will only receive half of the points awarded to them by the opposition. The team that did return their submission will receive the maximum of 30 points if no Fairplay score is sent in for them.

Points should be deducted for the following offences by players, managers or supporters.

  • Losing control of temper
  • Arguing with the referee / questioning the referees decision
  • Criticising players performances (from their own team or the opposition)
  • Shouting abuse
  • Encouraging unfair play
  • Failure to show respect to the opposition i.e. not apologising after 'putting in a hard tackle'.

In order to bring in more consistency to the marking on the cards, we have
developed a marking system.  Each category is still out of 10 but the
marking is required as follows:

1 - 2 3 - 4 5 - 6 7 - 8 9 - 10
Very poor Poor Satisfactory Good Excellent
  • 10 points are deducted for a sending off.
  • 5 points are deducted for a booking.

The other comments section is filled in by the manager, giving both positive and negative comments about the game. After each fixture, the team manager is responsible for emailing the Fairplay Scores so that the overall points can be used to calculate League position for later publication.

  • Submissions should only be sent in for officially listed SBMSC fixtures, whether Developmental or Competitive
  • Friendlies or other matches do not count in the Fairplay league.
  • Emails should be sent in to the Fairplay Secretary to advise of a postponement, cancellation or abandonment, stating the reason.

Goal scores will not count - the award is really all about fair and sporting behavior. Mini-Soccer is aimed at developing the football skills in young people in a safe but enjoyable environment. Serious competition at too early an age has been shown to be damaging to players and turned many away from what should be an enjoyable and worthwhile sport.

Fairplay history, including photos of winners from previous seasons

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