Setting up a fixture

Mid week phone calls between managers

Fixtures are normally played on Sundays at a time agreed between the team managers. Home team should confirm the match time and venue to the away team, on the Monday evening before the fixture. If the away team have not heard by 9.00 p.m. on the Wednesday the away team should call the home team.  If team strips clash then the home team should wear its alternative strip, bibs are okay.   Changing facilities are desirable but not essential.

Up to U10 a match must consist of each club playing two equal strength sides to play the other teams two (equal strength) sides, normally on two pitches. Should your club be strong compared to the club you are playing it is an opportunity to play those in your club who are not so strong. The aim is for the players to learn, gain experience and enjoyment in roughly equal strength teams; winning or losing 10- 0 does not do much for any player. Finally, at the weekend, be aware we have guidelines for cases of bad weather.


The home team should provide both sets of goals and cones as a default. Away team managers should be flexible in the event that the home team manager is unable to get access to a second pair of goals elsewhere in his/her club.


Each club should provide a Referee.  Refereeing should be low key, allowing players to be responsible for their own conduct and decisions as far as practicable. It is up to the Referees whether he requires Assistant Referees.  If these are needed then they should be provided, one from each club.  Qualified referees are not essential.

Emergency Aider

Each club should provide at least one First Aider at matches.  They should have been awarded an up to date emergency aid certificate and have appropriate emergency aid kit.


The Team Managers are responsible, for the conduct of parents/supporters as well as players. Parents/supporters should be given copies of the code of conduct.  It is the team managers job to ensure they follow it at all times.  The aim of these games is to take pressure off the players and allow them to enjoy and learn from the matches.  Clubs whose parents persistently fail to follow the code of conduct will be disciplined.   We have issued a prematch pitch recommendation which encourages parents to stand back from the sidelines to allow clear play up to the edges of the pitch.

Thousands of boys and girls from nearly 250 teams play friendly football fixtures in age groups Under 7 to Under 12.