Bad weather guidelines

Frozen pitches due to bad weather

Guidelines for when the weather forecast or conditions give reason for suspecting a pitch might be unplayable. Minimise wasted journeys by following these SBMSC guidelines.

Home club makes an early morning pitch inspection. Decide whether the pitch is “Frozen”, “Playable” or “In Doubt”. This inspection could be done by Home Team Manager personally, or by another Club official or helper that lives closer to the pitch.

  • With “Frozen” pitches that are not going to thaw by the Kick Off time, the Home Team Manager should telephone the Away Team Manager to cancel immediately so unnecessary journeys are not made. This call should be made before contacting home team players in case the Away Team Manager has a slot on a playable pitch and is able to offer to reverse the fixture location.
  • With “Playable” pitches (including pitches that will obviously thaw in time), the Home Team Manager need not do anything. The Away Team Manager will presume the match is on unless he/she is called.
  • With pitches “In Doubt” (and unlikely to thaw in time) then the Home Team Manager should telephone and advise the Away Team Manager of the possibility of abandonment. It is then up to the Away Team Manager to decide whether his team makes the journey or not, taking into account how far the journey is.

Before play starts the usual inspection is made. If either Manager thinks the pitch is dangerous, too wet or hard due to frozen ground then the match should be delayed slightly, subject to pitch availability, or abandoned if this is in the best interest of the players.  Remember there is no pressure to play in icy weather.

Waterlogged pitches

Fixture Managers please do not call off games until they confirm whether the fixture could be played at the opposing team’s ground. Only call their players AFTER the fixture definitely cannot be played.

Tell the SBMSC if any game is cancelled

The Age Group Representative and Fairplay Manager should be notified of any Cancellation or Postponment.

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