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Under 9 Cup/Plate Competition

1. Cup/Plate Knock Out Competition

2. Teams

3. Pitches and Equipment

4. The Fixture

5. The Result

6. Match Rules

1. Cup/Plate Knock out Competition

1. The Cup/Plate Competition shall be played over a number (dependant on entry) of rounds. Approx - one round shall be played per month.

2. The first round shall start with all Clubs entered into the Competition being drawn to play another eligible Club. (Due to the number of entries it may be necessary to offer one Club progress to the second round without having to play a first round fixture).

3. (a). Clubs that win their first round fixture shall continue to the second round of the Cup Competition.

4. (b). Clubs who lose their first round fixture shall move into the Plate Competition.

5. The Cup and Plate Competitions shall run independently and in parallel.

6. After each round, results shall be compiled and the next round fixtures shall be drawn and published.

7. Winning teams shall progress to the next round of their Competition (Cup or Plate).

8. When only two teams remain in the Cup Competition, a Cup final shall be organised and played. The winning team shall be declared the Cup winners.

9. When only two teams remain in the Plate Competition, a Plate final shall be organised and played. The winning team shall be declared the Plate winners.

10. The Competitions Board shall be responsible for running this Competition – This shall include – compiling results, drawing fixtures, resolving disputes and ruling on all issues.

2. Teams

1. Under 9s Players (both boys and girls) shall be under the age of 9 and over the age of 8 as at midnight on 31/8/10 (updated for season September 2010- 2011)

2. U10s - Left blank intentionally (see note)

3. Each Club should bring two equal strength teams to play against the other Club's two equal strength teams. This means that each Club has to have a squad large enough to run two teams at the same time. Clubs which can only field one team are encouraged to buddy up for the Competition with another Club which only has enough players for one team also. So between the two Clubs there are enough players to run a squad large enough for two teams to play games at the same time against the opponent Club.

4. Players shall remain in their chosen/starting teams for the duration of the matches, unless:

a. Previously discussed and agreed with the opposing team manager.

5. Games shall be 7 v 7, unless previously discussed and agreed by both Club managers

6. A maximum of 6 substitutes for 6 v 6 or 7 substitutes for 7 v 7 may be used at any time with the permission of the game leader/ referee. Players may re-enter the game.

7. Players are required to wear shin-guards at all times

8. It is the responsibility of the visiting Club (away Club) to ensure there is not a colour clash between the strips of the two Clubs.

3. Pitches and Equipment

1. It is the responsibility of the Home Club to provide suitable pitches and playing equipment (including, goals and match balls).

2. The playing area should be approx. 60 yards 40 yards. This area should be line marked.

3. The Penalty area extends 10 yds (9.15m) from the goal line and 18 yards across the width of the playing area. The penalty spot should be 8yds (7.32m) from the goal line. The penalty area should be line marked.

4. The goal size for all age groups is 12ft X 6ft (3.6m x 1.8m). The Samba Junior Multi-goal and Coca-Cola Big Red Bag goals are suitable. Please note in view of a number of accidents that have occurred it is necessary to ensure that portable goals are either pinned or weighted to prevent them toppling forward

5. The match ball shall be a size 4 and in good condition. Lightweight balls are permitted.

4. The Fixture

1. Each new round of the Competition shall be drawn and finalised by the first Thursday of each new month. Ties shall be published within two days of draw date.

2. All fixtures should be played on Sundays, before the round deadline has expired. In the event that the fixture has not been completed the Competition board shall advise on a suitable conclusion.

3. It is the responsibility of the Club Managers/Officials to coordinate on a suitable date/time for the fixture to be played.

4. League fixtures should not be rescheduled in order to complete the Cup/Plate Competition.

5. A fixture consists of four games. Each equal strength Home team shall play each Equal strength Away team. For example

  • Home Team “A” v Away Team “A” Home Team “B” v Away Team “B”
  • Home Team “A” v Away Team ”B” Home Team “B” v Away Team “A”

6. Both teams should provide a referee that shall referee a maximum of two games. Each referee should have a good knowledge of the rules and fair play.

7. The referee should decide whether he requires assistance to run the lines.

8. Any disputes, issues during the fixture should be (were possible) resolved by the match officials - Referees/Club Officials. If unresolved Clubs may submit (within a period no longer than 3 days) a dispute to the Competitions Board for ruling.

5. The Result

1. Teams shall win or lose fixtures, based on the aggregate score of the four games played. Win = 3pts, Draw 1pt and Loss= 0pts

2. If the points are level then goal difference will apply. This will be calculated by taking all four matches into account.

3. In the event of goal difference being the same then a penalty shoot out shall decide the result.

4. In the event of a penalty shoot out:

a. The Home Club referee shall police the penalty shoot out

b. Each manager shall select 5 different penalty takers to take 5 penalties.

c. One penalty shall be taken at a time, which shall rotate between each Club.

d. One opposing Club goalkeeper can be used per penalty, Club goalkeepers may be changed between penalties.

e. The Club that has scored the most penalties after the series, shall be the winner.

f. If the game is still drawn after the initial 5 penalties, penalty sudden death shall start. In this phase a Club shall win the fixture if they score and their opponents miss during the same round. Players may take a second penalty only after other Club players including goalkeepers have taken one.

5. It is the responsibility of the winning Clubs Manager/Officials to submit the fixture result to the Competition Board within the required timeframe.

6. Match Rules

1. Duration of matches shall be 15 minutes each way, with no one playing more than 60 minutes per day.

2. The kick off is taken in the centre of the playing area to start the game and after a goal has been scored. The opposition shall be on side and at least 5 yards (4.5m) away from the ball when the kick off is taken.

3. There shall be no off-side

4. All Free kicks are direct

5. Penalty kicks are taken 8 yards(7.32m) from opposite the centre of the goal

6. Throw-ins should be taken in the normal way. A foul throw shall be given another chance after which it shall be awarded to the opponent.

7. The opposition shall be at least 5 yards (4.5m) away when a corner, free kick or goal kick is awarded.

8. Goalkeepers can handle the ball in the penalty area and there are no restrictions on the number of steps they may take when holding the ball. They may only return the ball into play by throwing it out of the penalty area. Please note no drop kicks allowed

9. Goal kicks or defensive free kicks within the penalty area may be kicked from the edge of the penalty area.

10. Back Pass - The back pass rule does apply. In the event that the goalkeeper picks the ball up from a pass by his own team mate a direct free kick shall be taken from the edge of the penalty area parallel with where the ball was picked up

11. Except where otherwise provided above, the Laws of Association football shall apply


(Rule 2.2 relates to Under 10s so was deleted as it was not relevant to U9 Cup)

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