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U11 team and fixture changes

U11 Green Group

The Risborough Rangers team has folded
Thame Tigers Boys moved from blue Group and took the bye fixtures

U11 Blue Group

Risborough Rangers Colts moved from Yellow Group

U11 Yellow Group

Fixtures have been re-run because there were two byes in the division after Risborough Rangers Colts moved to the Blue group

U11 White Group and Black Groups are rebalanced

  • Beaconsfield Town Tigers moved to the  Black group from the White Group.
  • Penn & Tylers Green moved to the White Group from the Black group

There have been no changes to the U11 Red group.

U8 Yellow and U10 Yellow group changes

We have listed fixtures for all age groups up to Christmas 2017.

Update 24th September — In the last week we made some team changes in U8 Yellow and U10 Yellow groups. Fixtures that were showing on the website up to and including 24th September 2017 did stand. However later fixtures for these two groups have changed because the teams changed.  The new constitution of teams and the new fixtures for October onwards are now published on this website.

All other age groups are unaffected.

Team changes over the summer

Over the summer months some teams changed their group,  withdrew,  joined etc. We start the season with 239 teams (or 251 teams if you count buddy teams). Here’s a roundup of the team changes that happened in the constitution of divisions since the AGM back in June :-

Buddy team changes

  • AFC Lightning buddyies up with Widmer End Utd in U7 North
  • In Under 10 Yellow Holmer Green Colts become a full team.
  • In Under 10 Yellow Radnage Raiders / Penn & Tylers Green are buddying together.

New teams

We welcome new teams that joined :-

  • Chesham Utd Generals – Under 12 Yellow
  • Penn & Tylers Green FC – Under 12 Green
  • Marlow Royals – Under 9 Blue

Team withdrawls :-

  • Naphill / Flackwell Heath Scorpions U9
  • Thame Youth U9
  • Bucks CC Colts U11
  • Cookham Dean Colts U11
  • Beaconsfield Town Utd U12
  • Chinnor Colts U12
  • Marlow Oaks U12
  • Prestwood Colts U12

Due to the number of U12 withdrawls, the U12 Black and U12 White groups merged to become the new U12 White group.

U11 League Cup Finals

Under 11 League Cup Finals will be played at Thame. They are :-

30th April 2017

9.30am kick off,  White Division – Windsor Royals Youth v Chesham Utd Clarets

7th May 2017

9.30am kick off, Black Division TBA

11.00am kick off, U11 Yellow Division
Westwood Park Colts v Wendover Juniors

12.30pm kick off, Blue Division
Ruislip Rangers v AFC Lightning

2.00pm kick off, Green Division
Bourne End JSC v Beaconsfield Town


3.30pm kick off, Red Division
Beaconsfield Sycob v Burnham Junior Pumas Red

U7, U9 and U10 fixtures out plus U8 buddy team changes

Fixtures for second half of the season are available for U7, U9 and U10 age groups.

In Under 8 there have been some recent changes to buddy teams yesterday :-

Chesham Utd
in the red group has moved to U8 Yellow to form a buddy team with Penn & Tylers Green Rangers. To do this the buddy team Penn & Tylers Green Rangers / Aylesbury Utd Juniors Youth has disbanded. Aylesbury Utd Juniors Youth has buddied up with Bedgrove Dynamos Colts, also in U8 Yellow. U8 fixtures will be finalised shortly.

U7 – U10 changes for second half of the season

U7, U8, U9 and U10  groups have been amended ready for the second half of the SBMSC season because some new teams  joined and there were withdrawals and moves :-

Under 7’s changes

We welcome new teams Thame Youth to U7 West and Chesham Utd Clarets to U7 North for the second half of the season.

Cookham Dean, Wycombe Saints and the buddy team Hazlemere Youth Centre Colts / Penn & Tylers Green Rangers have withdrawn from U7 South.

U7 Constitution

Under 8’s changes

We welcome Cookham Dean Colts to U8 Yellow. In U8 Blue, Bucks CC withdraws and Naphill moves to U8 Yellow to buddy with Beaconsfield Town Colts. U8 Constitution

Under 9’s changes

The U9 constitution has changed as following U9 teams have withdrawn :-

  • Bedgrove Dynamos U9
  • Bucks CC U9
  • Flackwell Heath Scorpions / Widmer End Utd U9
  • Haddenham Youth Colts / Risborough Rangers Yellow U9
  • West Wycombe U9

Under 10’s changes

In the yellow division Marlow Royals Colts withdraws from its buddy team so Thame Tigers Colts buddys with Aylesbury Utd Colts.
In the green division Bedgrove Dynamos Colts joins and Hughenden Valley withdraws.
Flackwell Heath is renamed Flackwell Heath Minors in red division. The U10 constitution is here.

Fixtures for second half of the season

U7-U10 Fixtures for second half of the season have been circulated to managers and will be published on the website in the next day or so. U11 and U12 constitution and fixtures were published before Christmas.

Aylesbury Utd Juniors Youth U8 and Penn & Tylers Green Rangers

New U8 team

Welcome to a new Under 8 team Aylesbury Utd Juniors Youth. As this is a single team it will buddy with Penn & Tylers Green Rangers. The buddy team will play in the U8 Yellow  group. The first fixture for the combined team will be on 27th November.

Please continue to submit Fairplay ratings for games that Penn & Tylers Green Rangers played earlier on their own. This is because the submissions will count in the Fairplay tables.

Radnage Raiders

In other news this week, Radnage Raiders website went live so it has been added to our Member website list


New buddy teams in U7, U8, U9 and U10

We welcome several new buddy teams to the Conference.

Under 10 Yellow – New buddy team has been formed by Marlow Royal Colts / Thame Tigers Colts.

Under 9 Yellow- Risborough Rangers Yellow will now buddy with Westwood Park because Haddenham Youth Colts have
folded. Westwood Park are a new team.

Under 8 Yellow – Haddenham Youth Colts/ Risborough Rangers Colts is a new buddy team playing in U8 yellow division.

Under 7 South – Penn & Tylers Green Rangers are buddying with new team Hazlemere Youth Centre Colts. Marlow Royals have folded.

Fixtures changes are to follow, with exception of U7 where fixtures have already been updated.

U8 teams move divisions

Penn & Tylers Green U8 have moved from the Red division to the Blue division and will take the bye fixtures.

Bedgrove Dynamos move from the Green division to the Red division taking the Penn & Tylers Green old fixtures. These are already showing in the U8 Red fixtures list. Which means that old Bedgrove Dynamos fixtures in the Green division become byes.

There is a new team in the Yellow division – this being Penn & Tylers
Green Rangers and they need a buddy (so if there are any takers please shout). They will take the bye fixtures in U8 Yellow.

Please note all of the changes take affect from the matches to be
played 16th October 2016.

Changed teams in U8, U9 and U10

In Under 8 age group there are several changes : –

  • In U8 Blue new team Hale Leys FC Black has joined.
  • Aylesbury Utd Juniors Green has withdrawn.
  • In U8 Yellow Group there are new fixtures as two new teams have joined:-
    • Hale Leys FC Red
    • Hale Leys FC White

Under 9 Yellow Group
AFC Lightning are now buddying with a new team, Beaconsfield Town Colts to fulfil the AFC Lightning fixtures

Under 10 Blue Group there is news about Bourne End JSC and Wycombe Saints buddy team. Bourne End JSC have enough players for a complete squad so they will fulfil the fixtures. Wycombe Saints will play the Bye games that were in that group.