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Under 11 cup final results

The U11 cup final was played on 27th June and the winners were:-

U11 Black Division
Aylesbury Town Corinthians 3 Naphill 3 – Aylesbury Town Corinthians win 6-5 on penalties

U11 White Division
AFC Lightning 3 Prestwood Colts 1

U11 Yellow Division
Wycombe Town Inter 0 Elmhurst 5

U11 Blue Division
Taplow United Blues 6 Bourne End JSC Jedi 1

U11 Green Division
Gerrards Cross & Fulmer 4 Hughenden Valley 3

U11 Red Division
Wycombe Town AC 3 Ruislip Rangers Claret 3 – Wycombe Town AC win 4-3 on penalties

New U11 teams and changes to U11 fixtures

2 new teams Explorers and Maidenhead Utd Juniors Falcons have joined the under 11 Development divisions from U10.

We have changed fixtures for matches played 13 October 2019 onwards. Revised fixture lists have been emailed to managers, so please disregard the fixtures shown on the website for these groups for the moment. These teams U10 fixtures have become free weeks in U10 Green.

Green Division

Explorers Blues move from white to green.

Blue Division

Risborough Rangers Juniors Colts & Gerrards Cross & Fulmer Falcons move from yellow to blue. Maidenhead Utd Juniors Falcons move to blue division as a new team in the age group.

Yellow Division

Wycombe Saints move from blue to yellow. Explorers move to yellow division as a new team in this age group. Hale Leys Utd have a name change and become Aylesbury Vale Dynamos Bucks.

White Division & Black Division

Wendover Colts move from black to white division with George Green Juniors Reds moving to the black division. Explorers having moved from white to green their fixtures now become a free week. Revised fixture list for both white and black divisions as a result.

Under 11 Cup Finals

Cup finals for Under 11 teams took place on Sunday 28th April  at Thame Football Club, Meadow View Park, Thame OX9 3RN on 9v9 pitches.

There was no extra time if the scores were level at the end of normal time, and so we went straight to penalties.

Cup winners and runners up

  • Black Division 9.30am Aylesbury Utd Juniors Green winners, runners up were Wendover Juniors Black
  • White Division 11.00am  Haddenham Colts winners, runners up were Aylesbury Utd Juniors White after panalties
  • Yellow Division 12.30pm Bedgrove Dynamos Colts winners, runners up were Marlow Royals after panalties
  • Blue Division 14.00pm Burnham Junior Jaguars Blue winners, runners up were Chesham Athletic
  • Green Division 15.30pm Ruislip Rangers Clarets winners, runners up were Beaconsfield Town
  • Red Division 17.00 Delaford Colts v Chalfont Saints Cobras draw at full time

These matches will be the culmination of their endeavours since November resulting in the top two teams from each division playing in the finals.

Sin Bin for U11 & U12 showing dissent

Next season players who show dissent during a match will be sent to the Sin Bin. This will apply to all our matches. It is mandatory, so all leagues have no option but to bring it in. This will affect age groups Under 11 & Under 12 playing 9 v 9 and Under 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 playing 11 v 11.

County FA gave a Sin Bin talk to member clubs of Wycombe & South Bucks Minor Football League and the South Bucks Mini Soccer Conference on Tuesday 5th March 2019.

Update on 14th March:- Following the meeting we have the detailed description of the Sin Bin scheme. (PDF 4.446KB)

Under 11 Team and fixture adjustments for 9v9 format

Now that many U11 teams have got used to the 9 v 9 format we have a much better idea of the standards.  As a result we have made some adjustments by moving teams between divisions and consequently the fixtures change over the half term.

U11 Red Division

Taplow Utd move to the red division and take the Downley Dynamos Tiempos fixtures. Please see new fixtures for U11 Red division.

U11 Green Division

  • Flackwell Heath Dragons move from the blue division and take the Gerrards Cross & Fulmer Falcons fixtures.
  • Downley Dynamos Tiempos move from the red division and take the Chesham Athletic fixtures.

Please see new fixtures for U11 Green division.

U11 Blue Division

  • Gerrards Cross & Fulmer Falcons move from the green division
  • Chesham Athletic move from green division.
  • Downley Dynamos Mercurials move from blue to white division.
  • Taplow Utd move to Red division

The above has meant a complete rerun the U11 blue division fixtures.

U11 Yellow Division

Risborough Rangers blue move from blue division. and take the Prestwood Panthers fixtures. Please see new fixtures for U11 Yellow division.

U11 White Division

  • Holmer Green Colts move to black division
  • Prestwood Panthers move from yellow and take the Holmer Green Colts fixtures
  • Downley Dynamos Mercurials move from blue and take the bye fixtures.
  • Burnham Junior Jaguar Blue move from black and take Flackwell Heath Scorpions fixtures

Please see new fixtures for U11 White division.

U11 Black Division

  • Flackwell Heath Scorpions take Burnham Junior Jaguar Blue fixtures
  • Holmer Green Colts take the bye fixtures

Please see new fixtures for U11 Black division.

U11 League Cup Finals

Under 11 League Cup Finals will be played at Thame. They are :-

30th April 2017

9.30am kick off,  White Division – Windsor Royals Youth v Chesham Utd Clarets

7th May 2017

9.30am kick off, Black Division TBA

11.00am kick off, U11 Yellow Division
Westwood Park Colts v Wendover Juniors

12.30pm kick off, Blue Division
Ruislip Rangers v AFC Lightning

2.00pm kick off, Green Division
Bourne End JSC v Beaconsfield Town


3.30pm kick off, Red Division
Beaconsfield Sycob v Burnham Junior Pumas Red

Team name changes

Under 7 – Starting from the 11th October game, Widmer End U7 will buddy with Prestwood Colts instead of Bourne End JSC which now has enough players to form its own full team.

Under 11 – In the Red group, the team called “Chesham United Youth Blues” changes its name to Chesham Utd Youth Clarets. In the U11 White Group, Chesham United Youth Clarets team changes its name to Chesham Utd Youth Generals.

Under 12 – In the U12 White group Thame Youth changed its name to Thame Colts. In addition Thame Boys (green group) changed its name to Thame Youth. This helps avoid cofusion with a different  U12 team playing in the Wycombe and South Bucks Minor Football League under the name Thame Boys.

Under 11 fixtures update

There are 47 teams playing in Under 11, organised into five separate colour fixture groups. In the last few days there have been some changes to previously published fixture lists :-

Yellow Group

Haddenham Panthers have replaced Hughenden Hawks

Blue Group

Bedgrove Dynamos Youth have joined

Green Group

Hughenden Valley name change to Hughenden Kites.

White Group 

  • Hughenden Colts name changed to Hughenden Hawks
  • Wycombe saints have replaced Haddenham Panthers
  • Prestwood Colts Red and Stokenchurch Kestrals have withdrawn

Red Group

No change from previously published fixtures

U11 & U12 Cup final results

The 2015 cup finals took place at Thame Utd FC over two weekends for Under 11 and Under 12 groups. The winners for each division were : –

  • Under 12 Red division:  Winners Wendover Juniors – Runners up Gerrards Cross & Fulmer
  • Under 12 Green division:   Winners Holmer Green Harriers – Runners Up Seer Green Utd Eagles
  • Under 12 Blue division:   Winners Penn & Tylers Green – Runners Up Thame Youth
  • Under 12 Yellow division:   Winners AFC Lightning – Runners up Aylesbury Utd Juniors
  • Under 12 White division:   Winners Pitstone & Ivinghoe – Runners up Seer Green Utd Kites
  • Under 11 Black division:  winners AFC Lightning Bolts; runners up Risborough Rangers White
  • Under 11 White division: winners Chalfont St Peter; runners up Penn & Tyler’s Green Colts
  • Under 11 Yellow division: winners Wycombe Saints; runners up Marlow Royals
  • Under 11 Blue division: winners Chinnor Youth; runners up Bucks CC
  • Under 11 Green division: winners Prestwood Colts; runners up Seer Green Utd
  • Under 11 Red division: winners Maidenhead Warriors; runners up Wendover Juniors
These cup final matches were the culmination of participating teams endeavours for each division’s cup. This season was the second time we ran the superb day played in a big stadium on a 9 v 9 pitch marked specially for the occasion with 9 v 9 goals.

Under 11 Cup Finals day take place 3rd May

The cup finals for Under 11 teams will take place on Sunday 3rd May at Thame Football Club, Meadow View Park, Thame OX9 3RN

There will be an entry fee for supporters of £3 for adults, children under 16 enter free.

These matches will be the culmination of their endeavours since January resulting in the top two teams from each division playing in the finals. We ran this for the first time last season and it was a superb day played in a big stadium on a 9 v 9 pitch marked especially for the occasion with 9 v 9 goals (21′ length). If extra time is needed then it will be 10 minutes each way.

Match kick off times will be as follows:

  • Black Division – 09:30am – AFC Lightning Bolts vs Risborough Rangers White
  • White Division – 11:00am – Chalfont St Peter vs Penn & Tylers Green Colts
  • Yellow Division – 12:30pm – Wycombe Saints vs Marlow Royals
  • Blue Division – 14:00pm – Chinnor Youth vs Bucks CC
  • Green Division – 15:30pm – Seer Green vs Prestwood Colts
  • Red Division – 17:00pm – Maidenhead Warriors vs Wendover Juniors

Please note the Conference will supply all Referees and Assistant Referees for these matches.

If any clubs have any Referees who will be available to officiate in one or more of these matches please let us know asap and we will ensure that they will be free to watch their own teams final.

1914 Christmas football remembered

Joint team photos were taken at several SBMSC games last weekend to remember the 1914 Christmas Truce when WW1 soldiers on opposing sides played football in No Mans Land.

Naphill and Wycombe Saints U11

Under 11
Naphill U11 and Wycombe Saints U11


Crendon Corintians and Marlow Under 9 : –

Crendon U9 and Marlow U9
Crendon U9 and Marlow U9 teams, 2014

Chinnor and Thame U12:-

Chinnor U12 and Thame U12, 2014
Chinnor U12 and Thame U12, 2014