Thousands of boys and girls aged six to twelve years play friendly fixtures in the South Bucks Mini Soccer Conference (SBMSC) in age groups U7 to Under 12.

Friendly fixtures

In all age group s up to U10 (Under 10’s) each club takes two teams to a fixture. The home club has two of their teams waiting on two separate mini-soccer pitches. This way, two separate games are played simultaneously. When finished the visiting teams swap pitches and another game is played. This format gives a friendly mini tournament feel. It also allows the volunteer management the ability to offer football to twice as many players compared to a conventional single game.  To maintain friendly fixtures and to avoid unnecessary pressure we have a policy of not publishing scores or winner/loser team status after the game. We’ve been using this format since the 1990’s.

As a result this League has experienced high growth in the last couple of decades. We had 110 teams in the year 2000.  For 2018-2019 season, SBMSC member clubs have 232 squads registered to play. That works out to 359 teams because there are two mini-soccer teams in each squad in age groups U7-U10. We’ve come a long way since the Conference formed in the late 1990’s!

We believe in giving a go to all

The South Bucks Mini Soccer Conference offers young players developmental football games.

During season 2013 /2014 we ran trial periods of competitive games in line with the FA initiative for mini soccer. We learnt from this trial and in 2014/15 season the SBMSC reverted to its long standing friendly format where we do not publish any scores.  In U7 to U10 age groups we don’t publish winner/loser team status. However in U11 and U12 age groups the SBMSC does run 9-a-side competitions for part of the season. The competition is a Champions League format with the top 2 teams going to the final.

Girls also welcome to our friendly fixtures

Girls are welcome to play in all our matches – either in mixed teams or girls-only teams. However we do not run divisions for girls-only or for boys-only.

Thousands of boys and girls from nearly 250 teams play friendly football fixtures in age groups Under 7 to Under 12.