New season starts 13th September

The playing season is due to start on 13th September 2020 and 49 clubs are expected to be fielding teams. As usual, most of these clubs will have multiple teams to cover several age groups.

We are still open for team affiliations for 2020/2021 season. Although we would have expected next season’s teams to have affiliated by now, we are keeping the door open. So if you think you’ll have a team able to play next season please ask your club secretary to contact the SBMSC League secretary in the normal way.

The SBMSC AGM was delayed from its normal slot in June due to Coronavirus, but it went ahead in August.

SBMSC will not be running Fairplay this season and fixtures will be published on FA Full Time. Communication between secretaries will be carried out by email so this website will be mothballed as time progresses.